Our Instructors


We conduct lessons in grade ten Civics classes around the city. Your time commitment depends when you are available. We hope that you will be available for 3-5 periods during the week but only expect a once-per-week availability. In addition, we may be having some workshops in the evening in certain community centers or libraries.

Each of our instructors are responsible for learning and being able to teach all four modules. In addition, we are asking our instructors to meet once per month with a community leader, organizational representative, politician, or engaged citizen and write a small, half-page blurb about their involvement with the city. By learning more about the city, you will be able to assist students to become more connected. During the once-per-month professional development block, our instructors teach each other about who they interviewed in order that all can benefit.

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Finally, we ask that our instructors considering aiding us in the planning our volunteer conference or help on that given day. This, however, is not obligatory. The date and time of the conference is to be determined. The level of commitment shifts depending on how much you would like to be involved.


In scope, Instructors are responsible for participating in both types of training: general facilitation techniques and mock lessons. Our training is typically a two hour, once-per-month professional development block. When beginning, these blocks could be bigger depending on attendance size and number of new instructor candidates. Our more veteran instructors also help new instructors learn the program via modelling and feedback.


The instructors, like all of our current positions, are volunteer. Our hope is that by building the organization, our ability to apply for grants will allow us to pay our instructors. Your contribution means future payment. All you need is delayed gratification and the right attitude!