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Coordinator Positions

Individuals in coordinator positions maintain the functions of Municipolitics. These individuals require an adequate understanding of how the organization operates. Thus they typical started out in entry positions and were appointed into a coordinator position (by existing coordinators) based on their level of understanding, reliability, and initiative.

I. Coordinator, Operations

In scope, operations coordinators are responsible for both the development and the instructing of the lesson modules of Municipolitics. Their function is to ensure that instructors are properly trained, and that developers create modules that meet the requirements.

II. Coordinator, Conference

In scope, conference coordinators are responsible for the planning and execution of the Conference Event, as the outcome of the event is of top priority for the organization of Municipolitics. Their functions are to coordinate the capstone organizers, to manage all collaborative initiatives for the event, and to build on the relationships between Municipolitics, organizations and interested individuals.

III. Coordinator, Website

In scope, website coordinators are responsible for the development and maintenance of the website, ensuring proper integration of operations with online media, with a primary focus on communications with website-related partners. Their two primary functions are to attend regular meetings with these partners, and to account for all technical and creative matters, including online technologies for enhancing the classroom experience.

IV. Coordinator, Communications

In scope, communications coordinators are responsible for facilitating all internal communications. Their function is to reduce communication redundancy through the use of various online tools. It is also their responsibility to manage all meetings, from agenda development to schedule coordination.

Director Positions

I. Director, Management: Bryton McKinnon (Co-Founder)

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The Management Director is responsible for the overall management of Municipolitics. This includes the facilitation of meetings, training sessions, management of logistics, etc. The role is to uphold organizational structure and to provide support or guidance as necessary. In other words, the responsibility of other coordinators is also his responsibility. This role is held by the most senior member of the organization. Bryton, who is in his fifth year, is currently finishing an Honours’ double major in Childhood and Social Institutions and French literature with a Minor in Psychology. He has been highly involved in practically every aspect of Municipolitics since its inception. He ensures that all aspects of the organization are operating efficiently. His ability to facilitate, lead, and manage the group makes him an ideal individual for the role of Executive Director of the organization.

II. Director, Development: Jake Sutton (Co-Founder)

The Development Director is responsible for facilitating all external developments on behalf of Municipolitics. Currently, his focus is in funding opportunities, grant applications, and related networking events. He also reserves the ability to override module developments as per funding requirements. Jake completed his undergraduate degree with an Honours’ Specialization in philosophy and a Minor in political science. Educationally, his goal is to complete a Masters’ in municipal governance at Western University. In addition, he continues to be one of the most engaged members, liaising on behalf of the organization for opportunities and assuming responsibility in areas that lack progress. He is currently a Councillor of the London Youth Advisory Council.

III. Director, Operations: Adam Hill

The Operations Director is responsible for the overall direction of the development and the instructing of the lesson modules of Municipolitics. He ensures that the following are according to policy: lesson plans are developed, that instructor training programs are developed, and that training session are conducted. Adam is currently the VP of Student Issues for the Education Student Council while finishing his B.Ed and M.Ed at Althouse. His contributions to Municipolitics is in conjunction with his dedication to student engagement programming. Co-founder of Students-Teaching-Students, Adam works tirelessly to provide opportunities for students.