Arcane Code Camp Returns February

kids coding

After a successful launch this past summer, Arcane Code Camp returns in February with two offerings: Javascript Fundamentals and Principles of CSS & HTML. The sessions begin February 2nd and 3rd, respectively, and children aged 12 – 16 will be able to participate in the 2 hour sessions at Arcane’s Talbot St. location.

“More than learning how to code, which is the backbone of everything we experience on the Internet, we want to give kids a practical tool for the future,” says Anna Foat of Arcane. “It is an opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills and get a glimpse at how this could be a rewarding and exciting career path they likely have not considered. Building confidence and building awareness of the tech industry are our key objectives. We hope the outcome will also be some applicable skills that a future employer will see as very positive for building critical thinking and problem solving.”

You can register and get more information at

Source: TechAlliance

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