Help Fanshawe College create an Institute for Small Business Informatics

Local private sector and not-for-profit organizations are invited to join Fanshawe College in applying for funding to undertake a $2.5 million, five-year applied R&D program and establish Fanshawe’s Institute for Small Business Informatics.

What Types of Companies Will Benefit?

  • Retail, point of sale, online sales
  • IT supply & service sector
  • Data management and IT security
  • Fintech and other finance sector innovators

Participant Benefits

  • Protect your corporate and client information with first access to training, new tools and resources
  • Get the latest info on IT best practices, policies and procedures
  • Profit and grow your market by improving how you use information
  • Access mentors and experts in the local business community

Next Steps and Important Dates

  • Community Interest Deadline: May 27, 2015
  • Fanshawe’s Letter of Intent Due: May 29, 2015
  • Invitation for Fanshawe College to submit full proposal: August 2015
  • Final application due: October 30, 2015 (project starts spring 2016)

To Participate
To participate as a Community Member or a Project Sponsor, contact Jane Ramachandran at 1-866-488-1247 x.102 or ten.snoitulostnanoser@enaj by May 27th, 2015 or download the PDF for more details.

Source: Techalliance

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