New youth entrepreneurship program launches in London

London, May 27, 2015 – London’s aspiring young entrepreneurs will harness their creativity at a new summer camp, announced by TechAlliance, focused on facilitating youth innovation and entrepreneurship. The program, facilitated by Future Design School (FDS) and supported by TechAlliance, will provide students entering Grades 6-8 with an intensive one-week startup experience. The camp will run at the Ivey Business School at Western in partnership with the Pierre L. Morrisette Institute for Entrepreneurship from July 20th until July 24th.

“We are so thrilled to be taking our startup camp to London this summer,” said Sarah Prevette, founder, FDS. “Thanks to the generous support of TechAlliance and Ivey we are able to offer an exciting one week program where kids can realize their own entrepreneurial potential.”

The FDS program enables kids to pursue their individual talents, explore ideas and build actionable prototypes. The camp is open to youth in Grades 6-8 and features thought leadership from some of the country’s top startup founders and product designers.

TechAlliance President and CEO Marilyn Sinclair said the camp furthers opportunities for youth in London:

“The sooner we can engage with youth, the sooner we can help them develop the essential skillset required to consider a career as an entrepreneur and inspire them to turn their business dreams into reality. We’re delighted to partner with FDS to provide these students with the intensive, focused boost they need to become London’s business leaders of the future.”

FDS was founded by Canadian entrepreneur Sarah Prevette and has been quickly developing its footprint across South Western Ontario. The program aims to demonstrate the exciting power of imagination and the simple processes that can be leveraged to turn ideas into actionable prototypes.

“We help kids discover the creative genius within themselves,” said Prevette. “Our programs help build confidence in a fun, innovative and inspirational environment and enable kids to build their own ideas.”

Learn more at

Source: Techalliance

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