OCE Partners With AUTO21 For Internships

Ontario Centres of Excellence, through its TalentEdge Internship Program, is partnering with AUTO21 to give 50 Ontario students real-world experience and the chance to apply their knowledge and leading-edge expertise to industry problems specific to the automotive sector.

The AUTO21 Automotive Practicum Program provides graduate and undergraduate students in their final year of study with real-world industry experience through R&D practicums based in Ontario. Students will work on automotive-related research projects jointly developed by their academic supervisor and the private sector host.

Practicums are academic-based and the projects must have an R&D component. All projects must include at least one investing industry partner that meets the required cash and in-kind contributions.

I ask that you help us to raise awareness about this opportunity amongst eligible students.

Managed by OCE on behalf of the Government of Ontario, TalentEdge is a key component of Ontario’s Youth Jobs Strategy.

You can access full details about TalentEdge on OCE’s website and the AUTO21Automotive Practicum Program through AUTO21.

Source: Techalliance

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